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Uncover your deepest gifts, live your most vibrant life, and become all that you are. Through Numerology you can live a more masterful life. Numbers and letter symbols are cleverly designed to influence cycles and patterns in life; we’ll define how to use this information to access your genuine potential. You’ll experience personal growth, positive change, self-acceptance and deep happiness.

Numbers are representative of forces which operate on the highest spiritual planes. Our date of birth and birth name provides a window into our life patterns, which is also our providence.

Numerology for Adults; Families, Children & Partners


  • Your full name at birth* (birth certificate name specifically),
  • current name,
  • birth date,
  • birth time,
  • city and state of birth
  • mailing address and means of contact (phone/e-mail).

*Whatever full name appears on our birth certificates is the name we have chosen before entering this world. Even if there isn’t a birth certificate, most societies have some formal way of naming a child. This too would be considered the Name at Birth. No matter how many times a name is changed, the full Name at Birth remains at the foundation and is the most true. If you change your name the new name will be considered and evaluated for its overlay and influence.

  • All readings are recorded and are sent to you via e-mail address.
  • $250 for a 2 hour reading. Progressive update readings are $150.

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