Personal Numerology

“Patricia hosts conversations that help people navigate the soul’s journey, based on her decades of study as a numerologist and spiritual practitioner. Sessions with Patricia are therapeutic, transformative, and insightful inquiries into the integrated self-alive in the world and connected to the frequency of ‘Love.’ I found Patricia’s insight extended in how she shared her impressions and influences on her work. She has a spacious reverence for the experience the client brings into the conversation. Patricia is meeting you right where you are in a moment of sorting out psychological issues from the spiritual, solid ground from sky’s-the-limit, and love from risk avoidance. She transmits compassionate energy in her generous readings.—
Patricia brings an acute right-brain/left-brain balance to her expertise as a numerologist and soulful life coach. Her inspired readings evoke a healing transpersonal dynamic that can only be developed with years of devotion to spiritual practice and psychological maturity. Her intuitive guidance helped heal specific contractions around my personal identity, which manifested in patterns of emotional reactivity, energetic losses in the body, and life events that did not reflect back the essence of who I know myself to be. I feel blessed to have my numbers read and reinterpreted from time to time by Patricia.”

Deborah French Frisher
Assistance Professor, California Institute for Integral Studies

“A reading with Patricia is like opening a door to your soul. Your life starts to make sense. Patricia guides you with love, patience and humor and you leave with clarity and excitement about your purpose here. You are on course! Anyone who wants to move forward with their spirituality, their life, should have a reading with Patricia.”

Phyllis Hartzell
Graphic Designer

“Most of the time when we relate to numbers is when we are balancing our check books. I discovered that numbers are so much more than that after having a session with master numerologist, Patricia. In a gentle but deep method she engages you in discovering what you already know in the recesses of your soul but have forgotten. She is like a GPs for the Soul, giving clarity to our direction or mapping. I now have such respect for the science of numerology. It is such a worthwhile gift of insight and empowerment. I loved my numerology sessions with Patricia and I feel everyone should have their numerology matrix translated, especially by Patricia.”

Peter Sanderson
Mask Maker & Poet

“Patricia’s wisdom and knowledge of numbers combined with her intuition and soft, gentle nature creates a powerful numerology reading. A session with Patricia is part spiritual, part psychological and part of a healing experience, leaving you with a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and a clearer vision of how to pursue your individual life journey and reach your true potential.”

Lisa Prudhomme
Acupuncturist LAC

“Patricia brings a highly developed intuitive sensibility to her mastery of the science of numbers, so what you learn about yourself is profoundly accurate. She presents a portal of self-empowerment in a style that is clear, compassionate, uplifting and wise. I love the experience so much that I’ve recommended Patricia to my family and close friends who’ve all been most appreciative.”

Randy Taran
CEO & Founder of Project Happiness
Palo Alto, CA

Baby Naming Appreciation

“Patricia’s numerology session was beautifully instrumental in naming our little girl, “McKennah.” She is everything her numbers revealed, and having this understanding has enabled me to be a better parent. I believe that if everyone used the profound science of numerology they would not only be giving a gift to their children but to the world at large. It’s amazingly true and Patricia translates the numbers with such accuracy and heart.”

Shiryn Amador

“An absolutely invaluable guide in naming our daughter was through Patricia’s numerology. Patricia patiently spoke with us about each name and the different destinies they signified. She was enthusiastic and caring during the whole process. She respected our hopes and understood the gravity of our decision. We thought clearly with her insight and combined that with our dreams, and named our daughter Gemma Mali Rose. She truly is her name.”

April & Todd Donaldson
‘Happy Parents’

“Patricia has helped my family and me with her gift of numerology endless times, so when we had chosen a name for our new little girl, I knew I wanted Patricia to give us a reading so we knew what to expect and how to enjoy this blessing to the fullest. My daughter is now 22 years of age and is a beautiful well-rounded young lady. I have watched her unfold into the wonderful person Patricia described with such awareness. Patricia’s numerology guidance has been a countless blessing.”

Gilda Andreacchi
Mother again at 39

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