Patricia: A Soul Navigator


Everyone yearns to be seen.

I have been developing my technique of in-depth numerology for over 35 years. I work at a soul level, empowering you to actualize, awaken and ignite the best of your life’s journey through soul recognition and numerology. Through conscious awareness of your matrix your soul’s path is brought to light with wisdom. We all need to be understood at this profound level.

My Life Path – Navigating the Soul to the Source

I am a soul navigator, empowering you to claim, uncover your deepest gifts, live your most vibrant life, and become all that you are. My gift is translating the numerological matrix of my clients which educates them to live a more masterful life. I explain how numbers and letter symbols are cleverly designed to influence cycles and patterns in life and how to use this information to access your genuine potential. My ability to read the soul of a person and bring it to light is a catalyst for personal growth, positive change, self-acceptance and deep happiness.

My inherent and spiritual connection was awakened at an early age which eventually led me to an extraordinary meta-physical education. I have worked and studied with mathematicians, physicists and scientists from Stanford University and UC Berkeley.

I came into my gift of channeling at age 22. Through my knowledge of astrology (both eastern and western), tarot, palm reading, the I-Ching and ancient geometry, I stretched those tools and uncovered the red thread of truth that link these ancient tools together as ONE. I believe being a soul-navigator through Numerology is my true calling.

My quest for an esoteric education remains my passion and my awareness of ‘Oneness’ my deepest knowing. My personal numerical matrix is to raise consciousness, one person at a time, through the science of power of Numerology.


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